Friday, March 2, 2012

"A" is for aroma

I was hoping to get this post up yesterday, but as Mother Nature would have it, my allergies flared up in the midst of unseasonably warm weather. I'm terribly allergic to evergreens which are currently enjoying the weather tremendously and prompting them to propagate with each other. I'm allergic to their tree sperm. Oh well.

The good thing about yesterday is that an all new Digi Files came out!! It's larger than last months collection totaling over a gigabyte of scrappy-goodness. If you aren't a member-- what is wrong with you?!!? Seriously, you need subscribe. I'm actually a bit overwhelmed with the all new kits. Where do you start with that much new stuff? I want to use them all at once... life is hard.

I completed my first Life-A-Bet page yesterday. It's all about the aromas of my life. I may re-work live with the page later because I happened to have a really stressful day yesterday on top of my allergies. That happens when the pharmacy doesn't work for you and your kid doesn't have his ADHD meds (just one issue, believe it or not!) Whenever I have a tough day it seems to show up in my layouts. Buy hey, at least I got it scrapped! As much as scrapping is my creative Calgon, it sucks up whatever emotions I'm feeling. So this layout probably looks a little forced and uncomfortable because that's exactly how I felt. I know its not the best, but if we are all about documenting our life authentically, then this shows I'm not at my best all the time.

Why did I pick aromas for "a"? If were doing a traditional Project Life, I would have included the things that make my life smell good... those things make me happy. That's what this alternatives is about: documenting the little things in my daily life that would otherwise get no credit. In thinking how to explain the why to you, I thought of my nieghbor. When you open my neighbor's front door, you are hit with a wall of cinnamon, dried leaves and mulberry. It's distinctively her- red, feminine, strong yet not over-powering. That about sums up her, her kids and her husband pretty well. Our home's scent is so much different than hers... maybe the polar opposite. My mom-in-law's house smells like cucumber melon, so I can't ever smell that scent without thinking about her. See? Aromas play a large part in our life.

"A" is for aroma

Next up will "B"... and will probably have to do with our budget or what we are buying...  I haven't decided just yet. You'll be the first to know!

What will you be scrapping this weekend? Picking up any goodies? Happy Scrapping!!

P.S. Blogger's formatting is a mess tonight, so if you want to see the credits, they are on my page.

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