Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's get schooled!

Wanna know how geeky I am? I'm so geeky that I've been thinking about going back to college to study graphic design because I want to scrap better. Sure, I could take some of the scrap classes on the web, but if I'm going to shell out a few hundred dollars to do that, why not get a grant for a scrap education? The prerequisite English courses and the math would actually help my journaling and my critical thinking. (I need all the help I can get!) I'm not aiming for a career, I just want to be a better memory keeper.

I found that our community college offers a degree in the area of design that scrapbookers use. Isn't that crazy? Isn't it wonderful?! So perhaps in the fall I'll be a student again... Part of me thought the idea was funny because  ... well, my family. I recently had a talk with one of my nieces about her after high school plans. (I'm pretty sure she has none, or has other plans beside college but won't own up to them-- everyone has their own path, but if you can't own it you probably are walking the wrong one). She seems to have the fall back answer of "two-year college" and maybe here. There's a chance we will go to the same college! That made me laugh.

I expect my side of the family to make fun of the fact that I'd be studying graphic design because everyone knows you can't do anything with an art degree (gee, I've heard that before and learned later it wasn't true!).
Yet, here I am... ready to re-enroll. The more I think about it the more I want to do it. It speaks to me. Scrapbooking speaks to me. It's where I go to be happy. Plus it'd be really cool to learn what I love and not have to pay for it (I'd qualify for grants out the ying-yang).

In other news, I was surprised by my hubby over the weekend. Seems he matched my modest scrapbook supply budget for the month. I got some fabulous kits at and Scrap Orchard.

Sara Gleason aka Zinnias and Swallowtails came out with a beautiful kit called Tea Rose, available at The Lily Pad. I adore her work so much and am in the middle of her Grow with Love: Marriage Edition. They have a kids edition I will be doing for my son's birthday in April. I HAD to have her new kit. The only problem? The Lily Pad does not like mistakes. If you make two mistakes while trying to checkout (common for someone with dyslexia), you get banned from making purchases until an administrators unlocks your shopping cart. In this case, I had the remaining balance on my gift card wrong by a few cents. By the time I realized it... LOCKED OUT!!

That would be fine if it didn't take so long to resolve the issue. By the time the administrator fixed it my scrapping time was gone. It really sucked because I had created my layout around that particular kit. Instead of working on my hubby's special album, I decided to scrap my mom's photo:


I plan on having it printed and sent to her as a special surprise. She's had it rough lately, so I know it would lift her spirits.

Until the next time I can geek out with you!!!

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