Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My very first prints

First of all, I'm starting this blog with a big "Happy Valentine's Day"!!!


valentines day 003 

My sweet surprise from my hubby-- CREAM EGGS!!!!

Everyone should be so lucky to be as loved as I am! It's my wish for every single person on Earth, really. Love rocks. So does scrapbooking, by the way. For my Valentine's Day gift for my husband I combined several of my favorite things: My kid, love, writing and digi scrap. I am proud to say that I've printed my first ever digital layouts.

I was very worried about how the layouts would turn out in hard copy. Thankfully The Daily Digi has a ton of information about printing layouts. A few days before I was ready to take that leap of faith into printing, The Digi Show devoted an entire episode to printing. Those gals really gave me the reassurance, confidence and bits of information I was lacking to enter into the unknown territory of paying for printed layouts.

I think printing for the first time is something I'll remember forever for many reasons. It made digital memory keeping more than a hobby-- it made it a living history of me and my family. It is a living history that our whole family can enjoy in the present and in the future. Having a husband with a terrible brain issue, I feel it extra important to keep a running record of our life. These specific prints are about our relationship (from the Grow with Love: Marriage Edition). Now all the kids will know our history not just as parents, but as people. And the idea that the album may inspire our children to be inspired by love, to learn from what we've learned about love and loving inspires me even more. Printing takes this offline and brings it into our world, making a solitary hobby into a family activity.

(Heard in my house recently: You should scrap this [mom or wife]!)

It's interesting to note that whilst I was awaiting my layouts to arrive in the mail, my father sent me a letter from a relative that keeps our family tree. (He's traced the family roots all the way back to 1000 A.D.) The letter was sent because this relative of mine was given an old family bible. If you are unfamiliar, it used to be (and maybe some still do this) that a family bible was where important family events were recorded-- births, deaths, marriages, and special achievements -- probably the original form of scrapbooking, really. Scrapping the Good Book. Anywho, the letter from this relative stated that the bible was in a terrible state of disrepair. He removed the pages with the family history, threw out bible then transcribed all the information from the aging papers. One item included in the bible was my Great-Great-Great Grandfather's citizenship certificate. He was naturalized in 1862, then joined the Union Army New Youk Mounted Riflemen's company in 1863. He was discharge from the army shortly after the end of the Civil War.

Without memory keeping, genealogy would be a giant pain in the rear.  We wouldn't know the stories that transform our ancestors into actual people, family members even. I can stare at my family tree all I want, read the comments, but I wouldn't get the story without the journaling, clippings and records kept in that bible. That letter and it's wealth of information reinforced why I scrapboo;. Sure, I love the art and creativity, but it is so much more than that...

Long story less long, I received my prints on the 13th from Persnickety Prints. With bated breath, I opened the package. I pulled the prints out of their nifty plastic cover:

valentines day 006w

They were simply stunning. I cried a little. When my husband saw his gift he cried a little... they were proclaimed the most special thing ever, the most touching thing anyone has ever done for him. Now he's excited for the rest of the layouts to printed and to see what I come up with next. Once this album is done, I'm moving onto two new projects: The Grow with Love: Kid's Edition and scrapping my father's baby book (which was the only item I inherited from my Grandmother when she passsed... a probably the best gift ever.)

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!

P.S. Thanks to Katie from The Daily Digi for featuring my layout on today's post. You can see the post HERE.

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