Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrap friends?

PhotobucketI don't have any real life friends who like to scrap, but I would really like that. The truth is that my husband is probably tired of listening to The Digi Show with me. He's wonderful for letting me ramble on endlessly about all things digi scrap-- best husband ever-- but I'm sure he'd be happy if I found a friend or even crop group with which to have the bulk of these conversations. Or maybe I will have to teach him how to scrap? Ha!

Frankly, I'm not good with the forums. I try, but I don't come off well. Since it takes me 20,000 hours to write on paragraph and because I get so distract-- oh, shiny!-- ed, forums are a difficult place for me to connect with other scrappers. You know that person who gets a pity reply? That's probably my post. I can't figure out if I'm just boring, snobby, weird or all three. After being in the trenches of Chiari and Autism for so long, I have a hard time forging good decent first impressions online. I'm also such a geek that I'm sure I come off as a big, know-it-all dork.

I decided to look for crops in my area. By my area I mean in a 50 mile radius around my house. Of the three events I found, only one looks like non-business event. If you are trying to sell paper scrapping supplies to a captive audience, having a digital scrapper showing off all the money saving perks of the hobby probably wouldn't be welcomed. I did shoot out an "would it be bad for business if I attended" email to two of the crop organizers. The third is really out of my budget travel and registration wise.

I do love the idea of meeting other scrappers face-to-face out my house. It would be nice to focus on something I enjoy for a few hours once a month. I want to get out of the house for recreation occasionally. I want to scrap without having to cook something in between. But I'm not sure that I will find a good fit anywhere because I scrap on my computer and have no plans on buying anything at an event. I just wanna eat and breathe scrap with other adults.

Maybe I'll just have to make my own group? Do other digi scrappers scrap off line at crops? Do digital scrapping and real life groups just not go together? Is digi scrapping a hobby where all your scrap friends live in your computer? Is it normal to want to meet other digi scrappers in person?

I'm updating this to add one of the replies I've received:

Hi carrie....I don't have an issue at all with digital scrappers
  We just ask that u bring your own extension cord.  We actually do have a digital scrapbook weekend vendor....heritage makers.  Hope to meet you soon.

Yippee! I'm off to google the vendor now!! 

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