Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Photo a Day- Weeks 3 & 4

This has been a sad week. Yesterday, we put down our 15 year old kitty, Kelda. I adopted a couple years before my son was born and we did everything together. When I was pregnant, she was obsessed with  my growing belly. I used to joke about always having her on top of my belly by saying she was hatching my kiddo. Kelda had a big presence and it's absence is noticeable. She will be sorely missed.

Now onto happy things. I am smashing the last two weeks of the August Photo a Day in one post. While I am listing the photos in order, I didn't take them all in order. Also, I missed some days, but that's okay. The Photo a Day police aren't going to arrest me (at least I don't think so). I really enjoyed this project and am excited about September's prompts. Check out September HERE.

14. Arrow to my heart

Day 14: Arrow to My Heart

It's been awhile since I've had layouts printed, so I was tickled when these arrived. Once again, well done Persnickety Prints.

15. Clearly

Day 15- Clearly

The reflection is from the hood of my car.  I really loved how I could see the clouds in the reflection, but I have also been trying to take more photos with me in them. This is a happy compromise.

16. Sweet, Sour, or Sassy

Day 16- Sassy, Sweet or Sour

This might be my favorite photo from the whole challenge. Part of my favor might be because my kid and I had a blast capturing this moment and I see his personality in this. My kid has always jumped; It's a stim. Some kids with autism flap their hands, but my kid jumps. He reminds me of a Swami. ha! Also, notice the kitten on the floor behind him.

17. Don't Bug Me


Kelda, napping on my laptop. This is near the end and she's not feeling well. She stopped grooming herself, so she has a little soup on her nose. It is really hard to wipe a cat's face, but I got most of it off. It was frustrating at times that she wanted to be on my computer, but in the end I'm glad she was because we spent a lot of time together.

18. You're My Favorite

Day 18: You're My Favorite

My mother in law went on a washi hunt for my birthday. I just wanted to have some to hold in my hands. It was the best gift! Washi Washi Bing Bong! (that's what we call it in my house) I have washi'd lots of random things in my house.

19. Slim Pickins

Day 19: Slim Pickins

My birthday cake- always strawberry. No one likes it. Good.

20. Coffee, Tea or Me

Day 20: Coffee, Tea or Me

My gift package from my mom and sister: Timmy's Coffee and Wegman's Peach Bread. They go so well together and neither are available in Delaware. 

21. Don't Blink

Day 21: Don't Blink

That's my hubby playing Warcraft.

22. Grow

Day 22: Grow

I took photos of my dad's baby book, which was my inheritance from my grandmother. This is is hand and foot traced at 5 months old.

23. Blue Skies Smiling at Me

Day 23: Blue Skies Smiling at me

This is half the rainbow. It was so incredible that people in town pulled over in their cars to get out and marvel at it.

24. Oops! Skipped this one!!

25. Look Up

Day 25: Looking Up

A corn moon. It was really large, but you can't capture that so well with a point and shoot camera (because I hate to think it's a user issue). I love the crepe myrtle in the foreground.

27. Water Works

Day 27: Water Works

This is my sorta water working. :) That's Lewes Beach on the Delaware Bay.

28. Cat Nap

Day 29: Cat Nap

Thor, napping. Hard to believe he was so little just a couple of months ago.

29. School Daze

Day 26: School Daze

We haven't started school yet, so I decided this photo of a page from my dad's baby book would work well. His teacher commented my dad was 'slow'. It's hard to believe she's talking about my dad because my dad is certifiably brilliant. He speaks a gazillion languages, is the historian at Seabreeze Park, arranges music for carousels across the country to use, is an editor at large for fun for a couple of magazines, and can fix or build just about anything. So that kindergarten teacher can suck it.

30. Dog Days

Day 30: Dog Days

James doesn't know he's a cat.

31. Baby Got Back

Day 31: Baby Got Back

I wanted to end this challenge in a similar way I began it. To me this screams good bye August.

There you have it. On to September! 

♥ Carrie


  1. Wonderful photos again. I love seeing your whole family kittys and all. I am sorry for your loss though, a family member for certain.

  2. awesome photos! love that one of the car hood. so creative.

    sorry about your kitty. sad. :(


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