Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scrapbooking Ideas

Hello Everyone!

This week I find myself with a bit more downtime, which is perfect for some non-creative-team-free-scrapping. Since I've been doing the Photo a Day challenge, I have lots and lots of photos to choose from, which mean I really needed a little help picking which story to tell. I hopped on over to the Scrapbooking Ideas section of Get It Scrapped in hopes of finding a starting point.

I was immediately drawn to the title section. In it, I found an article about long titles and instantly knew what page I needed to make:

I Mustache U
Supplies: Just Jaimee: Storyteller Collection- September 2013: Fonts: Varsity Playbook, Sketch College, TrashButterfly,1942 report, 28 Days Later, Sketch Serif, Advert, Colleged, appleberry, Pea Melody Shay

The title of this page tells most of the story. Ever since I beat him at Mortal Kombat ten years ago, my hubby gets seriously focused on winning whenever we play a game together. He, apparently, doesn't like losing to a girl. The good news for him is that I am terrible at board games, but he isn't exactly a good sport. When we play an analog game together, I always joke that he should either be pulling my ponytail to express his affection or he's  just a cocky jerk.

For the title I used a mix of different stampy, chalky and sketchy looking fonts in varying sizes, but still large (I think the smallest is around 48 pts). I alternated between serif and sans serif fonts- so there's an AB pattern of words. To make the title block feel like one piece and because those ascenders and descenders kinda force pesky gaps between lines, the title also became an embellishment cluster. Pretty sneak, eh?

Also, I'm still swooning over Jaimee's kit (and not just because I'm on her CT). I love the ombre papers and wanted to use more. The ombre paper here really helps reinforce the title with contrast and flow. It's needed since embellishments are sparse. To finish the page off I added some small staples. If you're gonna pull off minimal embellishments, affixers like tape, staples, stitching or brads really make a page feel finished.

That's my creation from the inspo in a nutshell! Check out Scrapbooking Ideas for more great ideas, tips and tricks.

♥ Carrie

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