Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gingerbread & Snow

I am super jealous of everyone with snow. Please send me some... or just some snowballs will do. Thanks. :)

The one great things about doing a Photo a Day is that there are always interesting photos to scrap. I have already used two of last weeks photos to get two pages done:

This first one is using Jaimee's December Storyteller 2013 (which she's giving away to her newsletter subscribers, so check here for details). The paper has such nice texture and lighting that mimics the lighting in the photo, which was a happy accident.  

hey doodle doodle

I'd like to say I kept the page simple, but really I just didn't use a lot of embellishments. (not that I ever use a lot) Even though it looks simple, there's a lot of texture and contrast. And when you don't use a lot of ingredients on page, you have to really understand how those few elements work together and what function they serve on the page.

The next page is my homage to anticipation using bits from the December Storyteller and Artsy Papers Volume 1:

fun & memories

I put the title right on the photo because that vellum ampersand reminded me of an ever so fine dusting of snow. I used the sequins to build a faux shelf to hold up the photo and used the thread to solidify that idea while giving myself a place (and reason) to put the tag with my journaling.

Tip: I am in love with date stamps. Earlier this year, since I couldn't find the ones I wanted in the stores, I made my own contact sheet of stamped months, days and years. It was simple to do- I used the font MS Mincho and created a vector layer for each month, day and year. After typing out each month, day (01- 31), and year I wanted, I converted them all to raster layers then useing the smudge brush and eraser tool, made each one looking stamped. I made the background layer transparent, merged visible and saved as png file. Now I just lasso what I need and go.

That's all from me. (please send snow)

♥ Carrie

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