Friday, March 21, 2014

All about him and kinda about me

Since last Saturday, things have been scary and wonderful and hectic. If you're just here for eye candy, might I suggest scrolling down now? I ramble.

The hubby ended up in the hospital last week with severe pacreatitis. They weren't able to find a cause for the pancreatitis, which means there wasn't much in the form of treatment. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when your pancreas is the size of a pumpkin and you can't fix what is causing, most of the time you die.

While my hubby waited for a room in the surgical unit to open up, Grandmommy took my kid for a haircut and some beyblades while Daddy was in the ER. Grandaddy went to Verizon and got me a cell phone. In the Arick family, you deal with a crisis by doing something. It doesn't have to be relevant to the crisis. You just get busy being busy because once a Marine always a Marine.

As suddenly as it started, it stopped. He just got better. His bad numbers started getting better. It takes most people who survive an attack like this weeks to get to stage where the pancreatitis recovery can continue at home. For my hubby it was 4 days. When he sets his mind to something, it gets done. I believe the word "miraculous" was thrown around by the doctor and nurses. I think I used the word "stubborn".

And my kid. He really stepped up and pitched in. He was amazing. It was one the few times he was open to hugs and snuggles. And he got to sleep in our bed. Of course, now that the crisis is over he is able to express that built up anxiety freely.

In the middle of all this, it snowed 6 inches. Normally my hubby would take care of storm prep and shoveling. I was on my own. Thankfully when the snow stopped, some kids came by offering to shovel for a few bucks. As a bonus, they cleaned to snow off my car.

Because all this, my meticulously planned month that was all ready busy, went to hell. All I have to say is thank goodness for my Cozi calendar. I've still managed to do the important stuff... including not letting the house go completely to pot and making sure everyone has clean underwear... and squeeze in some time to decompress. The calendar has a journaling section, which I used keep track of our adventure with pacreatitis for later scrapping.

I managed to knock out the journaling challenge at MSA after my hubby came home. You should check it out. This will give you an idea of the topic:

Think Spring

Another page I made this week with photos after getting his hair haircut, taken when he returned to the ER to see daddy. The page is not about any of that, but rather his personality summed up with a quote:

Nice Pace

I LOVE the paper. When I painted, I used to create backgrounds like this on canvas simply because I loved the feel of a wide, loaded brush making sweeping strokes. The look was always awesome, too. This kit is the newest collab with Just Jaimee and Studio Basic. You can pick it up HERE.

That's enough outta me for now.
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  1. I saw your cat page at Get it Scrapped and loved it, just wanted to stop by and let you know. So sorry about your week and glad that your hubby is feeling better. I just started following you, I'm not digi, but your work is lovely to look at!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it! I need to do a post about the cat page. It was really fun to make!


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