Saturday, March 1, 2014

Calvinball Anyone?

Have you ever heard of Calvinball? I hadn't until the other day when Doris Sander suggested it as a challenge over at Get It Scrapped. It's a challenge going on during March where the rules change, smack talking is a must, and you are encourage to get social and scrap everything. Join us for the fun and possible insanity. Also, there's a live crop you can get a point for joining today. Hope to see you there! 

 photo 2faeb505-33f5-4d99-8a21-43b16f7025a3.jpg


  1. go go go! :) can't wait to see all your lovelies this month!

  2. ha! you found a great cartoon strip! and that second yellow cartoon is hilarious. go calvinball!!!

  3. Love the comic. Saw your page during the crop. Fun. :)


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