Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Storyteller & Colds

Sussex County, Delaware- Route 1- March 2014 by Carrie Arick-

It's almost April and there's still snow on the ground, my allergies are in full swing- I can literally feel the pollen coating my body- and we're all getting over a nasty cold. My hubby brought home germs from the hospital. He has bronchitis and I suspect my kid's lingering cough may be a mild case of it, too. I got off easy with non-chest cold. This is not the best way to start spring. It also might be my personal hell.

James the cat doesn't like any of this. Snow and muddy ground ruin walks. Sick moms nursing her family back to health while doing chores and creating pages don't have time for play. He pretty much hates me until I get out the cat treats. Yet, he does love my kid.

The Page: I made this page with the April Storyteller by Just Jaimee. This month departs a little from Jaimee's normal color story- it's warm, analogous color mixed with cork, black and whites. It's color expertly constrained with Jaimee's signature graphic, playful style. I played the color scheme by using a warm, golden processed photo.

sickie snuggles-March 2014 by Carrie Arick-

I'd originally intended to use three photos on this page- a series. I decided it against it when I realized each photo made me think of a different story. This one is cozy and comforting... it's really about the bond these two share. I created a feeling of cozy warmth by using a bracket foundation, clustering, color, and a lot soft and smooth textures.

The Story: James was a godsend at the peak of my kiddo's cold. The last time my kid was sick, there was shrill, terrible, tear inducing screams of agony that made high tail it to ER at 11pm. (thanks, Autism)  Right before the screaming started (because we can see it coming from a mile away), this happened. James comforted him in a way that was acceptable to the kiddo's sensory system. James, who is not a lap cat at all, knew what his boy needed.

James is a special cat and he was rewarded.

Storyteller Inspirational Magazine by Just Jamiee via Carrie Arick- digiscrapgeek.blogspot.comBack to the kit... I love it. I've made a few more pages with it that I can't share yet. As much as PSE speed and limitations drive me crazy, I've gotten a lot of mileage out of Jaimee's styles. This month includes a vellum style- YIPEE!! I adore the alphas and am happy that there is both a serif and sans serif. There's so much good stuff that you should probably just pick up the whole collection. If you subscribe to her newsletter (scroll the bottom of the main page), you can pick it up for a sweet price.

Jaimee created a FREE magazine full of inspiration, tips and tricks to go along with April Storyteller!

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