Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Photo a Day: Week 2(ish)

I have been enjoying this exercise so much! If you want to play along with us, see this thread at Get It Scrapped. This is a no wrong way, guilt-free challenge to get your creative juices flowing and fall in love with your camera again challenge.

Some back tracking:

6.  Full Plate

Day 6 Full Plate

Thor is obsessed with the dishwasher. I have no idea why, but it makes doing dishes a little challenging.

8.  Gobbledygook

Day 8: Gobbledygook

At the base of my hubby's monitor. Lots of dust, a few wires and a WoW authenticator (sp?).

9. Apple of My Eye

Day 9: Apple of My Eye

A rare relaxed shot of my kiddo. This was a huge deal. I asked if I could take this photo, he obliged, then he began to do this pose, but corrected himself going into to rigid mode. I asked him to just snuggle with his blanket. He did and this happened. When it was over he said, "Wait a second, Mom. You tricked me!" The kid likes to act like he hates having his photo taken.

10. Shadow Dancing

Day 10- Shadow Dancing

I love the starburst pattern my neighbor's garden lights make. This challenge was a great way to capture it without anyone thinking I'm weirder than I already am. (cause I'm that crazy cat lady in my 'hood)

11.  Bloom Where You are Planted

Day 11: Bloom Where You are Planted

Cat mojo in action. Normally, Butters is afraid of everything including flowers. Here he is being a curious, confident cat.

12. Framed

Day 12- Frame

I was gonna ask the kid to frame something. Then this happened.

12. Get to the Point

Day 13- Get to the Point

My favorite hair accessory: a chopstick from China Wok. Yes, that's a restaurant. I always get chopsticks so I can keep them in my kitchen. You never know when the urge to put up your hair will strike. Also, they double as a cat toy. Or is that triple? I probably shoulda put some product in my hair before I took this photo. Oh well. It's my authentic, crazy, wavy, simmer-time hair.

That's it for now. Wanna see Week 1? Click HERE. Wanna see if your favorite scrapbookers are participating in this challenge and the full list of prompts? Click HERE. Join in, share your links!!

♥ Carrie

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  1. Carrie these are so fun, the photo of your kiddo is breathtaking so real and so lovely! and the photo of your cat in the frame! I had to do a double take to realize it was the cat sitting behind a frame! SO perfect!!!


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