Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I had the best intention to make a post for Monday, but I never got to it. Sometimes you have to whittle something off your list and my poor blog was that. Also, I spent Sunday finishing The Book Thief while Kelda used my laptop as a heated cat bed. I needed an technology break, the cat needed warmth. It worked out well.

Monday, we visited our local ER because my son had a nasty infection in his middle finger nail bed. It can happen when you bite your nails and hangnails a lot... like a kid with Autism and anxiety will do. We'd treated it as best we could over the weekend- soaking, keeping clean and dry, obsessive monitoring (let me see your finger, kid!) all day. Visiting the ER here on the weekend is an all day event thanks to having just the one hospital despite there being an extra 10,000 people in area it serves. Instead we decided to wait until Monday. (Did I mention we we're between pediatricians? Cause that would have been easier.) I knew he'd have to be lanced, drained, cultured and given antibiotics and that's what the ER did for him (I shoulda been a doctor, except I hate innards). He was a trooper and is recovering nicely. Plus, because he's not in pain, he's a lot less snappy.


Because I'm me and I hate germs, I also spent a fair amount of time covering our house in a fine fog of Lysol. 

Yes, I failed at my blog posting, but I'm okay with that. Now I need to have a coffee break, so enjoy this photo of Thor yawning: 

♥ Carrie

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