Saturday, October 26, 2013

Scary, Pretty, Free and Perhaps Futuristic

Hello Interwebz!

We had a nice Indian Summer, but that's over now. It's officially cold here; Perfect weather for Halloween. Halloween to me is about a lot more than dressing up and trick-or-treating. For me, it's about stories... the stories we overlook, the stories that are forgotten, stories of our past, of our ancestors. I think that's why I like scary movies so much- the stories often focus people and events lost to time or details forgotten.

I was super happy when Just Jaimee came out with this scary movie kit called Happy Haunt. I decided it was perfect to document my love of the stories in horror movies:

Horror Junkie

I really love a black background paper. It's one of my favorite neutrals. I didn't want a pretty page. I wanted discomfort and controlled chaos. I think the tight Z flow and the large gutters between the embellishments accomplish that.

I haven't abandoned pretty. The (dash) Lilypad has a freebie collab you can pick up through a Facebook hop called Capturing Fall. (Start HERE to pick it up while it lasts) I made this page to highlight this amazing bush we have dividing our yard from our neighbors. I learned it's called a Burning Bush (no lie) and it is from Asia. It's also incredibly invasive leading many states to ban them.

Autumn Beauty

Invasive but absolutely stunning foliage this time of year.

The photo isn't the best, so I kept it small and used huge flower elements in saturated color to trick you into missing the photo's poor quality. What you do notice is the dramatic color of the leaf in the photo. And you say, "Wow. That's a cool leaf."

I also got to play with Just Jaimee's mobile ready fonts. I don't have a smart phone, so I was thrilled that I could grab just the PNG files. It was fun to play with them, but also quick and easy.


Is this the future of memory keeping? Perhaps it will draw new generation of scrapbookers.

♥ Carrie

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