Friday, January 31, 2014

Blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes...

Once again, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Give Your Photos Stories. We were talking about big storms. Being the Sexy Action News Team Weather Girl in our house, I loved this topic!

For those of you want to know where in the world I experience all this weather fun, here's a handy, dandy map:

That part that juts out into the water is called the Delmarva Peninsula because it's comprised of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. (cleverest name ever... no) Technically, there's water on all sides, so it's kinda island like. When there's a big storm, if you don't leave you're stuck because the bridges and tunnel close.

My photo was about Snowpocalypse (remember Feb '10?). We just weren't used to snow, so my poor husband is out in a blizzard with no gloves, no hat and no scarf. We hadn't seen snow in ages, so there wasn't a need for these accouterments. My hubby had just measured the snow at 15 inches, which he promptly rounded up to 2 feet. I couldn't let him be wrong. We spent an entire week arguing the point while we were snowed in.

different photo- our porch, steps and car... 

I haven't scrapped the photo yet, but plan to soon. Being on the podcast brought out the larger story of just being ill equipped to deal with such a large snow, as a community and as a family. My husband is now super serious about shoveling when it snows. He doesn't want to repeat the experience.

There was a lot of discussion of hurricanes. Every year since moving to the coast, we've had a significant tropical storm or hurricane. I have so many of these stories, but the most notable one is probably Sandy. I scrapped this storm shortly after it happened.


The eastern portion of Delmarva was lucky, despite the photos here, there wasn't too much damage. The Chesapeake side and the central portion of the peninsula had terrible flooding. People actually were trapped in storm shelters.

We evacuated for Irene. After the earthquake I was shaken- literally and emotionally. (thanks to having a house on sandy soil, the shaking was pretty strong here and I found it disconcerting) I wasn't hanging out. We decided to take a mini vacation to my parents instead. (which prompted my dad dub his house a "refugee camp") The crazy part was they had a wind storm the day of the hurricane and coming back we had to deal with parts of our route being flooded. Again, Delaware was lucky.

Other than some fierce thunderstorms and derechos, we've been lucky this year. Even the recent blizzard that slammed the East Coast avoided us (we only had 3 inches of snow). Knock on wood we are done for awhile. I like weather and all, but I don't like it when my house sounds like it will fall apart.

♥ Carrie


  1. HA! Did you get snow today or just rain? There's about 2-3 inches here but where I work in West Grove PA (about 7 miles) they had 5-8 inches.
    Still coming down…..

    1. Only rain today, Julie. It melted the last of the snow on the ground. I wish the raining and snowing would stop because our ground is now over saturated with water. I have a girlfriend in PA who wants to buy a snowblower because they've had so much snow this winter. Craziness!!


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