Monday, January 13, 2014

Is this thing on?

Hello Interwebz! It's been awhile. I hope everyone survived the holidays unscathed, assimilating into a new year nicely. Santa brought hubby the flu Christmas Eve, which isn't a huge deal for most, but when you've got to worry about inflammation killing you it's a scary virus. He survived the illness and my nursing and so did our marriage (he's a horrid patient).

We didn't even make cookies for Santa, or we made them too early never getting another chance to make more.

January first started the Month of Challenges at The (dash) Lilypad, which I made a goal of finishing because I'm insane.  I've learned some new techniques, re-affirmed my liking of how I accomplish certain techniques and discovered that I'm better at using a template as a sketch than a template (by eyeballing it). You can see all my pages HERE.

All three kitties survived the holidays, I'm glad to report. One of them began un-decorating the tree Jan. 1st. I'd call him naughty, but he actually expedited the process.

Speaking of kitties, Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell fame shared photos of both Butters and Thor on his Facebook page.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me snow! Or at least wished for me to have some because it worked. We were forecast to get an inch or so, but we had a little over four inches and it stayed for a couple of days.

Of course, I had the windows open several times in the past week and once had to turn on the a/c it was so hot. Oh well.

My word of the year is "believe". I used to be better at this and the Universe has been placing this word in front of me a lot, so I'm listening. I created this simple page to honor it.

I am working on pulling off some big changes this year, which for now will remain a secret. I'm going to believe that with lots of elbow grease and determination, everything will work out.

♥ Carrie

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