Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MOC, flies and therapy

Have you heard Debbie Hodge's new podcast? It's pretty awesome and rather ingenious. It's called Give Your Photos Stories. I was lucky enough to be a guest last week with Katrina Kennedy and Ronnie Crowley. We talked about bugs and critters... and I laughed until I cried. I talked about flies at the beach and a little why I don't mind putting my thoughts about autism on a page. Stay tuned because I may turn up on another episode.

Today was challenge number 27 and I can hardly believe it's almost over. Today was a color challenge, which I love.

Hello Lewes

I really like the way this turned out. I think I've used all the ombre papers in the September Storyteller Collection. I know they aren't trendy anymore, but I still adore the ombre.

Yesterday's challenge was to take a bad photo and use it on a page. I do this regularly, so it was a snap. I don't scrapbook because I'm a stellar photographer, I do it because I want to record why it was significant to pick up the camera and take that photo.


I used a summer kit to create a page about snow. (James really hates that the snow has ruined his walks) Not the best composition, but I was determined to used that key. Even if it isn't a perfect fit for the page, it does balance the weight of the viewfinders.

So Not Me

This was for the Photoless Challenge. I normally don't use the doodle-ish elements, but this kit was in my stash and my house was messy. I obviously did not feel like cleaning. I put it all on an orderly grid by color and called it a day. Also, I didn't clean until today. ha!

I think the challenge I put the most work into was the Scrap Therapy challenge.


I took it to heart, unleashing all my thoughts on the page. The hubby has been having a particularly hard time lately.  I let it all out and felt a ton better afterwards. The word art may seem contrary here and that's exactly how I meant it. This is a contrary thing we're experiencing... and these issues and feelings that are repetitive. The screws are literal. *snicker* I tend to be very intentional with what I put on a page.

Until we meet again...

♥ Carrie

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