Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Month Of Challenges nearing finish line

When I started the the Month of Challenges over at the The Lilypad, I told myself that if it was too time consuming or too stressful I would stop. The moment it became a task instead of a fun exercise, I'd quit. Well, I'm still hanging in there. It's day 21!

I've learned a few new techniques and a few things about myself during this challenge so far. The biggest benefit to the past 21 days is that I'm making pages faster than I ever have. (which still seems slow compared to more prolific scrapbookers... ha!) 

I've also put a lot of stories down on pages that wouldn't have made it otherwise. For instance, this was a quick page (they still exist apparently) challenge. You had "pimp" it with your own style.  This page is about these (grumpy) guys being wrong and me being right. It happens a lot around here:

You Are Here

A benefit to these challenges is stash shopping. I hadn't ever used this kit before, but the colors work great with my selfie (trying to take more photos of me this year). The challenge was to use at least 3 flowers. Yech. I hate flowers, but embraced them anyway:


There was also a Year In Review challenge. I used a photo collage maker on the web called Photovisi. I didn't really edit the photos since they were so small and because I didn't want to take the time. It's review page after all. This is one I'll print 12 x 12 to put in with my other 2013 Months in Review:

This Year 2013

This page was created for the challenge where you had to scrap new photos, something I do often. My kiddo's new pair of glasses. I called the page specs because glasses is a long word and because that E is reminded me of an eye chart. I probably need to snap a picture of his old glasses that were held together by duct tape. I can't begin to tell you how many pairs of glasses he's had in the past 5 years, but the eye wear shop closest to us stocks a lot my of my son's frames.


I have no clue what I'll do when this month is over! I've grown accustomed to the daily pages. There needs to be some sort of MOC rehab for those who've hung in there.

Now off to wait for the snow!! Stay warm, everyone!!

♥ Carrie

P.S. Have you heard the new podcast over at Get It Scrapped?

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