Friday, February 28, 2014

Smashing & Marching

It's been a very rough week, but there have definitely been highlights. One highlight was getting to play with the new March Storyteller, which I truly love. The other was the what I scrapped with it.

Call It Art

This is my kid working on his Smash Book. Being that he has a lot of fine motor skill issues, this sorta journal works well for him. He writes if he wants to, but he can also glue the heck out of anything, cut with wacky scallop scissors, use up all the washi tape, use stickers and whatever he feels like to his heart's content. It's more like an art therapy for him.

His life at the moment is so much about learning rules. Social rules. Grammar rules. Math rules. Science rules. Rules for his growing, changing body. At almost 13, there's so much that is new and foreign and so much to get wrong. But in his Smash Book? There's no wrong. There are no rules. It's a space where he can be him. It's blissful.

Being me, I decided to pick up my own Smash Book and some fun stuff for us to use. I also picked up some plain card stock for printing. Jaimee has great printables with her Storyteller Collections, so I'm excited to try it. I did some playing today because I needed a break from my guys:

I think this weekend I'll test out the printables in the March Storyteller for the live crop at Get It Scrapped all day Saturday (which you're welcome to join).

 photo 2faeb505-33f5-4d99-8a21-43b16f7025a3.jpg


  1. Oh, I like seeing your smash book. I may get one for my May trip.

    1. They are great fun- my favorite part has to be that the pen has a glue stick on it. Easy peasy for gluing down mementos.


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