Friday, May 24, 2013

Can you scrapbook about cat barf?

Why hello there! How's it going, interwebz?

This week I've been living at the corner of Brain Damage Dr. and Austism St. There's a small alley in the area called Kitty Hairball  Ln. I'm thinking of selling... unless there's a story or two in there. Can you scrapbook about cat barf? If I do, I promise I won't share! Other than that, I've been drowing myself in back issues of Masterful Scrapbook Design.

Seriously, I have spent the week trying to get assignments done so that I can spend next week really spring cleaning since we have company coming in June. I somehow managed to finish my April in Review page, finally, thanks to smarts: I made a template so I could simply clip stuff to the page. Smart cookie, I am.

Supplies: Just Jaimee: April Storyteller Bundle
Fonts: SF Movie Poster, Yummy Cupcakes, Bohemian Typewriter

I also made some pages for Just Jaimee that I really love using her May Storyteller kit  available that The (dash) Lilypad:

Boy did I debate where to put that title! I finally smashed it at the bottom. Sometimes you just need to be done.

I am really happy the way this one turned out. The photo and story is one that I've wanted to scrap for awhile. I love that it's simple, but has detail and texture. The adventure stamp is really stamped. I did that by selecting my photo borders inside and outside about at 3 pixels. Then I selected the stamp and hit delete. That erased a bit of the element so it almost looked like it would if it was physically stamped. I then duplicated it, moved it up just a smidge, then reduced the opacity really low. I put that layer under the original, so it looks like there's some lighter ink on the paper where it meets the frame. I do this a lot whenever stamps or brushes are on multiple layers.

Isn't it amazing how these two pages look so different? That's what I adore about Jaimee... she puts range in her kits like no one else. She'll be guesting at TLP in June, too, so I'm excited about her contribution to June's BYOC. The color palette is interesting, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with this time!

Until next time!!

♥ Carrie

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