Friday, November 22, 2013

November Storyteller and Your December Story just met

It's time for another Storyteller Collection! While I'm woefully behind on my month pages, November is pretty much done. It's going to be included in my December Story album, too. Two birds, one stone.

I haven't put journaling on these pages yet, but I plan to. If I don't, then the title really does say it all. This is a glimpse into our daily life before the holiday as prompted by YDS Lesson 1.

I used a template for this page, which I rarely do, but I know myself. If I didn't jump on the inspiration, I might not make the page. The template did the heavy lifting. Thank goodness for Crtl + G.

Just an Ordinary...(left side)

I used almost every part of the collection. I decided I'd make a title with the alphas to sum up our challenges this time of year. I wanted to be real, but not depressing, wanted to make sure it was our collective challenges, but not to general. Yet, I didn't want it to be depressing either. Here's what I came up with:

Just an Ordinary...(right side)

I'm really loving fonts and alphas lately. I have too many fonts, so I use Wordmark to sort through them when I'm creating something like this. You can type in the text you want to write, select the size and style, hit enter and Wordmark displays the fonts on your computer. It's a gem! You can also sort your fonts in lists, which Wordmark will save for you. For instance, I have a list of scripty fonts and typewriter fonts. It saves me a ton of time. Also, it's 100% free.

Overall, I'm happy with the pages and if I don't get to the journaling, I'm not stressing over it. Success!

♥ Carrie

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