Monday, November 4, 2013

Your December Story: $15 Gift with early bird registration

(Regular registration will open on November 11th)

I am super excited about this 6 week class created by Debbie Hodge. She is a master of storytelling and the ease at which she helps you put them on your pages is astounding. This class will focus on the hero's journey: it's a quest to document holiday magic without any monsters or mountain climbing and more glitter. Every Monday for 6 weeks — answer the prompts, view the ideas, and open yourself to new and inspired ways to tell your December story.

Here's the class breakdown:

6 weekly lessons describe a step of the hero’s journey, provide detailed prompts that you can enter into digital worksheets or printables, and ideas for visual and written stories.

  • November 25th: The Call to Adventure
  • December 2nd: Entering the Magical World
  • December 9th: Mentors
  • December 16th: Tests, Tools, and Magical Objects
  • December 23rd: The Reward
  • December 30th: The Road Back and the Return with the Elixir

Debbie created this class so it can be used as a companion to your December Daily albums or as it's own stand alone project. Give yourself this wonderful gift for the holidays and craft a treasure for you and your family. Just use my affiliate link above to sign up before Nov. 11 so you can get the cool bonuses. 

Naturally, there will be a gallery to share your work and you can chat about the class in the forum. We'll be there to help you in your quest: heroes don't go it alone! 

♥ Carrie 


  1. I want to tell my December story because I have never done it. And I am enchanted with the story idea.
    P.S. I love the tone of your blog!

  2. I love love love my december dailies. I get so much joy from looking thru them during the year, i really can't imagine not doing one. Love that amaryillis page. My sister says they look like the death flowers from an old old star trek episode.

  3. I plan to record my Dec. in notes and pictures along the way. Then in Jan when the snow is flying and the temps plummet I plan to put it all together on a beautiful way. Grandchildren will make it gorgeous! Why do I want to do this? My answer to that is 'WHY NOT"????

  4. I tell my story every year, and although my kids are grown with families of their own, every Christmas season here brings something new and different. This will be the 7th or 8th Christmas Journal I've completed. I love to bring them out in December and read through them little by little. Would love to have the inspiration of this class to add to the mix this year.


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