Monday, April 21, 2014

A Happy Easter

Hello Interwebz!

Yesterday was Easter. We didn't have much ado over it as my in-laws are currently in Haiti (lucky devils). It was just us, but we still had a happy day.

Saturday we dyed eggs. My husband came up with these two gems while I wasn't paying attention:

I made the traditional Easter Snaik egg:

This page, which I created a few years ago, tells the story of the Easter Snaik (excuse the sad kerning and leading... I didn't know better when I made it):


Of course, no holiday activity would complete without a kitty photo bomb:

After dying eggs, we discussed the origins of Easter (the Christian origin, not the Pagan one). We talked a lot about Judaism being the Jesus was a Jew. Then we watched some of The Bible, which is currently on Netflix.

We aren't religious, but both my husband and I have studied religion extensively. My kid self-identifies as Christian and we encourage him to learn more about it. Discussions on the topic of religion are always interesting and always leave my kid to want to know more. I love his curiosity and living in a time where he can satisfy it immediately. But wow, I forgot how violent the stories are in The Bible!

Considering Easter Sunday was cold with steady 25 mph winds and gusts nearing 40 mph, I was glad the Easter Bunny opted for an indoor egg hunt this year (so were the cats who discovered eggs roll). I don't have any photos sadly because I slept through it. That kinda happens when you have wait for your kid to fall asleep on a holiday eve. It wasn't until 3am that the Easter Bunny finished his work. Anywho, hubby didn't take photos.

Easter dinner was breakfast, thank goodness. Eggos for the win! I finished my day with a long walk with James the cat and some non CT scrapping... perfect-o! I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter (or Sunday), too.

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