Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get Off My Lawn, Life!

Monday, I thought I was going to post about how to scrap from an authentic place during hard times and not making viewers want to slit their wrist after looking at your page. Monday was also my son's 13th birthday, which prompted my brilliant topic. After all, autistic kids have a whole set of struggles that at first glance don't feel scrap worthy, but if you look deeper you can find rich, positive meaning.

I had good intentions. I even had photos. I also had a cake to bake & boy who actually wanted to watch a 3 hour movie with his parents (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) & by the end of the day was in allergy hell. I just didn't get the post past the first paragraph, so I decided to finish Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, my husband had a cardiologist appointment. He was seeking clearance for a surgery and had his heart tested a few weeks before. Instead of coming home with that clearance, he came home with a surgery schedule, orders not to exert himself and eliminate stress. His heart sometimes goes wonky because the permanent damage from the Chiari Malformation causes neurons to misfire or not fire at all. (Interesting to note that most Chiari related deaths are caused from the brain forgetting to send the signal to breath during REM sleep) It turns out that he has a blockage that could could cause a heart attack at any moment.

Next week, he's having a cardiac catheter test, which I'm sure has a better technical name. If the blockage is moderate to severe, he'll have surgery the same day- either a stent or bypass. If not, it'll be treated with meds and lifestyle change. Needless to say, there's been a flurry of activity in our house to get everyone situated just in case.

How's that for hard stuff? On top of this, my allergies are the worst they've been since childhood.  After two weeks of hives, stuffy and runny nose, itchy and water eyes... I'm just exhausted. My mother is visiting after Easter and we just started redecorating, both mean there's lots of spring cleaning to do. Also, my calendar is packed with appointments for me and my son.

There's no big revelation in this post except that real life happens and I need a nap so I can scrapbook all the junk that raises my blood pressure and makes me laugh.  
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