Friday, April 18, 2014

I ♥ the 80s & more

Do you love the 1980s? Or do do you at least remember the 1980s? I was a kid during that decade. A very neon and pastel loving, awkward, chubby kid. I had the Mary Lou Retton crop meets Charlie's Angels feathered hair. I hated that my mom didn't allow me to grow my hair out. Granted, I did refuse to wash it most of the time, but as a kid, you don't think like that.

This photo is from a summer trip to Denmark, my mother's native land. I'm with my Morfar (grandfather) and cousin at Legoland. While I could have focused on a lot of stories, I went with my first reaction to the photo: I can't believe that's me. I wish I could tell her how rockin' her style was on the second trip to Denmark.

The page's title in Danish. Translated "stil" is "style". The words on the paper strip say it's my cousin and mother's father at Legoland. It's a way for me to record my Danish heritage is a part of me even if it's not the page subject. Sometimes I ask my mom how to say something and sometimes I use Google Translate and what I know of the language.

Despite my awkwardness, I love the colors of this kit. The rubber-ish and plastic elements remind me of the trendy toys and baubles I love as a kid. The kit makes me nostalgic. I wanted the page to channel 10 year old me. I used handwriting fonts and too many colors. I grounded and organized the page with the black elements while controlling the flow with the rainbow lined paper and pocket squares on a "T" composition.

Did I mention that the kit is newest installment of Just Jaimee & Mommyish's Real Life in Pockets series? That's kinda important to know.

80s Stil
Just Jaimee & Mommyish Designs: Real Life in Pockets- Old School; Fonts: Too Much Paper!, Pea Sunshine, DJB MOUSEKATEER KIM, DJB Truly Creative

You're going to notice eventually that I've been using a lot of Fonts for Peas. Stephanie Semple turned me back onto them after seeing it on one of her pages.

Also new today is Jenni Bowlin's Bright Travels paper pack created by the talented Lisa Dickinson. I love the happy colors! Last week, I took a photos on the way home from our dinner. It's a whole series from the car (as a passenger of course) documenting the route we travel regularly. You take those sights for granted in the moment, but as a kid, I remember the route from my house to D.C. fondly for some odd reason. Or the route to the grocery store.  I even remember the first time I took to back roads to our first home in Delaware. Those routes changed and morph over time.

But I didn't scrap that yet. I had intended to, but the story of the ritual my husband has of stopping for drinks before going home emerge in the midst of scrapping this page and wouldn't let go. That's normal for my process. I start with an idea for a story and it takes me somewhere unexpected, but perhaps more important.

Road Rituals
Jenni Bowlin Studio: Bright Travels Paper Pack, Mini Deck Great Words, Vintage Bling, Die Cut & Perforated Paper Collection, Flags & Stars, School Days Alpha; Fonts: Serial Sue, Albertsthal Typewriter

You'll probably be seeing more photos from the series on pages.

Speaking of process, I'm thrilled to tell you that I'm a guest teacher for next month's Masterful Scrapbook Design: Process Play. It will be live May 7, 2014 and I'm super excited about it!!

Also, interNational Scrapbooking Day is quickly approaching. I have a treat planned for my readers. Get It Scrapped is having a live crop with sponsors and prizes. Get the details on the blog and in the forum. I'm not sure what's in the works for the stores, but I'm sure it will be awesome and prize filled, too!

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