Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lessons from Mom

I'm lucky enough to have an awesome mom and an awesome mother-in-law. I don't have enough photos of either. It's not from lack of trying. My mother has always had an aversion to the camera. She told me once someone said she looked like a monkey in a photo and she's carried that with her since.

That's the power of words. Thanks to that jerk, I only have a small handful of photos of my mother over the past 37 years. It's a shame because my mom has always been beautiful stylish and photogenic. The only photo I've ever known her to pose is this one with Bobby Vinton and her friend, Kathy... and you can tell she's not comfortable with the camera.

Sara Gleason: Tea Rose; Scrap Orchard: March 2012 Grab Bag; Traci Reed; Document Life Sampler

I didn't inherit camera aversion from her, but I'm always the photographer. My family has plenty of photos of me looking like a dork... or one of those photos you'd see on Ellen.

There are things my mother did give me. She did her damnedest to make sure I knew women contributed valuable things to the world. She taught me how to love myself and to find my worth from within. She fostered the idea that I'm a sword wielding, butt-kicking Princess Charming, able to rescue myself from all sorts of peril.

Hero by Carrie Arick- for Jenni Bowlin Digital
Jenni Bowlin Studio: Baby of Mine; Tangerine Dream; Vintage Pockets & Tags, Vintage Mini Deck Silhouettes; Sara Gleason: Petals, Amy Martin: Need More Stitching v. 1; One Little Bird: Stargazer (staple); Just Jaimee: April 2014 Storyteller- Layer Styles; Fonts: Arick, Nyala 

I had to tell this story, even though I didn't have a photo of my mom recently or from when I was a kid. Here she's with my sister, well before I was born. The photo is the photo. The wrinkles and tear is how it appears in real life. I simply used the edge finder selection tool extract the photo with the tear.

I used Jenni Bowlin's Vintage Pockets & Tags for this page to add some extra interest and layers. I changed the colors of the to match my page. To give the pocket a little oomph and the appearance it is stuffed with stuff, I ran a burn brush along the edges at 35% opacity with the size around 55 and mid-range density. 

Here are the JBS things I used. The Vintage Tags & Pockets are on sale for $1 today only!! 

The thing I love about JBS kits is that they all work so well together. They are probably the easiest product ever to tweak colors, but I find you don't actually have to often. That's the bonus to paper lines: They tend to be similar enough so the scrapper can collection hop.

Feel free to make a mom page and share it in the MSA Gallery because the May Journaling challenge is all about moms!
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